• brets CAIIB Advanced Bank Management – ABM

    Institute/Website: brets

    Language: Multilingual

    Mod of Delivery: live and recorded VOD

    course Type: Comprehensive

    Features: Lessons relevant to Advanced Bank Management paper of CAIIB exams are explained through approximately 50 power point presentation slides.,10 Practice Tests covering 1000 questions as per syllabus & exam pattern of CAIIB, updating the latest provisions of banking and other relevant laws /instructions issued by RBI, Central Govt, SEBI, Govt Authorities etc,Mock Test

    Fees Type: Subscription Period


    Course Content: Full Course

    Course Requirement: Good connection,good computer

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  • Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers ( CAIIB) exams are  held by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance ( IIBF) twice a year. The exam is for members of IIBF only who are employees of  various banking institutions.

    Best CAIIB online coaching courses available is Brets. Courses are provided for all exams like retail banking( RB), Bank financial management ( BFM) , Advanced Bank Management (ABM)  etc . These are available in multiple languages and have Live as well as pre recorded videos. The fees start from ₹1800 for three months to ₹ 2300 for 6 months .