• Edx FREE AWS Developer Associate Primary Course

    Institute/Website: Edx

    Language: English

    Mod of Delivery: live and recorded VOD

    course Type: Primary

    Course Fee: FREE

    Features: How to create and manage an AWS account,AWS fundamental concepts including Regions, Availability Zones, and Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs),How to install and use the AWS SDKs,How to use AWS compute services, both via the AWS Console and programmatically,How to use AWS managed services such as Amazon RDS

    Fees Type: Fixed Period

    Duration: 6 Weeks, 3–4 hours per week

    Course Content: Getting Started on AWS,Cloud Infrastructure and Responsibility,Invoking AWS APIs/ AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM),Amazon S3,Working with our Development Environment,Amazon Rekognition,Storing Structured Data using AWS Managed Databases,Adding Support for Users and Private Data to the Application

    Course Requirement: Good connection,headphone and mic,good computer

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