• Edx FREE Certified Kubernetes Administrator Primary certification Course

    Institute/Website: Edx

    Language: English

    Mod of Delivery: live and recorded VOD

    course Type: Primary

    Course Fee: Free

    Features: The origin, architecture, primary components, and building blocks of Kubernetes,How to set up and access a Kubernetes cluster using Minikube,Ways to run applications on the deployed Kubernetes environment and access the deployed applications Usefulness of Kubernetes communities and how you can participate.,Usefulness of Kubernetes communities and how you can participate.,Self-paced on your time

    Fees Type: Fixed Period

    Duration: 14 Weeks 2–3 hours per week

    Course Content: From Monolith to Microservices,Container Orchestration,Kubernetes,Kubernetes Architecture - Overview

    Course Requirement: Good connection,headphone and mic,good computer

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