• Edx FREE DevOps Beginners and Basic Primary Course

    Institute/Website: Edx

    Language: English

    Mod of Delivery: live and recorded VOD

    course Type: Primary

    Course Fee: FREE

    Features: The value, history, and building blocks of DevOps,How to unify processes and improve collaboration between development and operations ,Continuous Integration (CI), continuous testing, and continuous deployment,Release Management, configuration management, and monitoring in DevOps,Add a Verified Certificate

    Fees Type: Fixed Period

    Duration: 4 Weeks , 2–3 hours per week

    Course Content: Introduction to DevOps,A unified process between development and operations,Continuous Integration (CI), continuous testing, and continuous deployment,Configuration management and release management, Monitoring and feedback

    Course Requirement: Good connection,headphone and mic,good computer

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