• HubSpot FREE Advanced Email Marketing Certification Training

    Institute/Website: HubSpot

    Language: English

    Mod of Delivery: live and recorded VOD

    course Type: Primary

    Course Fee: FREE

    Features: 11 lessons,28 videos,9 quizzes,Master the fundamentals of email marketing,Apply what you learn with HubSpot's free email marketing tool,nvest in yourself and your career by learning one of the most in-demand skills in digital marketing

    Fees Type: Fixed Period

    Duration: 3:18 hours

    Course Content: Understanding Email Marketing ,Creating a Contact Management and Segmentation Strategy,Sending the Right Email, Creating a High-Performing Email ,Understanding Email Deliverability,Outlining the Design of Your Marketing Emails

    Course Requirement: Good connection,headphone and mic,good computer

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